The Bläuel Team

The Bläuel management at the company headquarters in Pyrgos-Lefktrou, is proud to work with a large number of dedicated people who are committed to its corporate values and every day give their contribution to the development of world-class delicatessen products with lots of enthusiasm and joy.

About 40 employees in management, production and logistics work together to produce and market the MANI gourmet products worldwide. Many of them have been with the company since its foundation.

With over 300 small farmers who supply the company with organically produced products, Bläuel is now the largest employer in the region.

Junior general manager Felix Bläuel is proudly focussing his efforts on regionality: for him this means, above all else, giving the people of the Mani region long-term sustainability; economic, environmental and social.

The Bläuel team:

Nikos Mavoidis Nikos Mavroidis
Director of Production & QA Manager
Silvia Lazzari Silvia Lazzari
Marketing & Account Management
Sofia Sfakianopoulou Sofia Sfakianopoulou
Export – Production Planning
Niki Xepapadea Niki Xepapadea
Purchases & Finance
Felix Bläuel Felix Bläuel
Junior General Manager & Key Account Management
Fritz Bläuel Fritz Bläuel
Senior General Manager – Inspirator
Oliver Stoye Oliver Stoye
Sales Germany

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