In order to ensure the high quality standard of the MANI products, five employees are responsible for the quality control at MANI. Their tasks include farming consultations, organisation and control of the harvest, extraction and storage, quality control of the processing facilities and finished products.

Olive oil
Only exceptional oils are bottled by MANI. All MANI olive oils meet the highest standards for “extra virgin”. According to legal requirements, extra virgin olive oil must be under 0,8% acidity and have a peroxide value of no higher than 20 meq/kg, must be free from defects as regards to taste and must present a certain degree of fruitiness. But MANI oils far exceed these criteria. First of all, the olive oil must pass the food technologists quality control procedures. They check every batch in terms of chemical composition as well as the organoleptic qualities of the oil. Analysis of acidity levels provides information on the proper handling of the olives. Only olive oils with acidity below 0.4% are accepted and sunsequently bottled. The peroxide value reflects the freshness of the oil: thanks to careful storage, after twelve months MANI olive oils maintain peroxide levels of 10 to 12 meq/kg. The lower the value, the fresher taste.