Origin with soul

Tradition, personal development and relaxation.

The Greek Mani is shaped by its stunning landscape and its people; both known for their strong character and resilient independence. This is the traditional region where the Bläuel family and their company have been based for more than 30 years.

The Mani people have always drawn strength from their free spirit. This enabled them to resist invaders for centuries and develop village communities with a unique rural culture. Traditional olive growing is deeply rooted in the culture of Mani. The Bläuel family enterprise maintains this tradition and through organic farming promotes the preservation of this valuable cultural landscape.

The Mani is a real haven for vacationers who want to stay away from mass tourism. Set in the green olive groves overlooking the deep blue sea is Mani Sonnenlink boutique resort, so far the only certified organic hotel in Greece. Founder Burgi Bläuel created Mani Sonnenlink as a place for recreation, culture and personal evolution. The resort contributes to the development of Mani as a centre of sustainable tourism.