Experiencing food in the Mani means great traditional cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere: this type of cuisine delivers great authentic flavours, easy and quick recipes perfect for our fast modern way of life – ideal for social gatherings, family dinners and especially olive lovers!
The Mani is a region in southern Greece, in the middle finger of the Peloponnese. Here the conditions are ideal for the growing of olives.  With the full Mani range you can enjoy the Mani food culture at home – with extra virgin olive oil, olives and mezes (Greek appetizers).
The rocky peaks of the Taygetos mountains, the deep blue sea and the silver/green olive groves form the picturesque background for the lifestyle of the people in the Mani. Until the early 70s’, there were no roads connecting the villages of the Mani, no commercial centres, no nearby towns. Endless hours were spent walking over cobbled stones and winding lanes. Because of this isolation the residents of the area had to rely only on the food produced locally and this developed a very simple and healthy cuisine, based on the main products grown in the Mani soil: wheat, olive oil and fresh vegetables.

The Mani food culture inspires the cuisine at Mani Sonnenlink, the first certified organic and Veggie hotel in Greece, creatively and lovingly run by Burgi Bläuel