Where to Buy

Mani Bläuel products are available through:

In the UK:


Solhjulet A/S, DENMARK, http://www.solhjulet.dk

Le Comptoir de Messenie, FRANCE, http://www.messenie.fr

MIE Project, JAPAN, http://mieproject.com/en/

Gastronomos LLC, RUSSIA, https://iconosquare.com/mani_blauel_russia

Artemis Healthy Food Products, SULTANATE OF OMAN AND UAE, http://www.artemishfp.com/

Gourmet Grocery Cy, CYPRUS, www.gourmetgroceries.com

Through private label cooperation, at several supermarkets and organic shops in: SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN, USA, CHINA, CANADA, NETHERLANDS. Please contact to find our products in these countries.

our online shop: https://shop.mani.bio/

and in Germany