Quality with Distinction

Traditional cultivation, gentle processing and award-winning quality

Year after year, MANI products are recognised by tasting panels all over the world.

In addition to the love for man and nature, which inspires all actions of the Bläuel family and the preparation of all MANI Bläuel products; the strictest food-processing standards are implemented at Mani. This is how we achieve and surpass strict quality standards evaluated by worldwide tasting panels; panels with incredibly exacting criteria.

MANI products taste exceptional, thanks to the ideal growing conditions in the Mani, part of the the Peloponnese, the traditional processing of the olives and the centuries-old knowledge of olive cultivation. The taste of these MANI products is so unique that you can instantly taste their high quality, from the very first bite.

In a class of its own: the MANI brand offers the world’s first Greek Organic & Fair olive assortment and thus makes an extraordinary ethical and environmental commitment. Naturland Fair certification stands for sustainable production and a system of ethical trade that rests on three pillars: organic, social and fair.