Whether preserved in olive oil or sea salt brine, al naturale or stuffed – for olive lovers the organic MANI brand offers the ideal variety of delicious olive products. MANI table olives are carefully harvested, de-bittered (following the natural, traditional method of curing in sea salt brine) and carefully preserved and processed with no additives whatsoever. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the olives in olive oil and the al naturale versions meet the criteria for a raw diet.

Easy to recognize, tree-ripened Kalamata olives are brownish-purple in colour and their flesh is juicy and mild. In comparison, the solid flesh of organic green Konservolia table olives – also known as Amfissa olives – impress with their wonderful spicy flavour. The mix of juicy and spicy, Kalamata olives and Amfissa, combine to bring out the best of both varieties.

The olives are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and oregano then vacuum packed. The olives in olive oil are preserved in fresh, organic, fruity MANI extra virgin olive oil. A typical specialty of Greece is green olives packed in olive oil with herbs and a slice of lemon. The olives in brine are available whole or pitted, preserved in fresh sea salt brine. Finally, green Amfissa olives, hand-stuffed with spicy garlic cloves or whole, sweet almonds, complete the extensive MANI olive range: an olive for every occasion.

MANI olives add a Mediterranean touch to starters, salads and sauces but are also delicious on their own as a savoury snack or the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine.