Culture of the Mani

“Cultural experience” in the Mani means discovering old and new treasures from a traditional region of Greece, with a rich heritage represented by its history, its landscape and its people.

The traditional cultural sights of the Mani include several Frank, Venetian and medieval fortresses, Byzantine churches, the typical architecture of the tower-houses and the famous caves of Pyrgos Dirou.

But the centuries-old culture of olive cultivation is still alive here today. This can be discovered on the many tours and seminar run by Mani Sonnenlink, which include visits to the traditional olive groves, the villages and the mills. Through these seminars our guests can get to know the original way of life of Mani’s small farmers and experience first-hand the journey from the olive tree to the “green gold” of Mani.

A cultural highlight in the Southern Peloponnese is “Mani Sonnenlink Summer Music Festival”, held every year during the summer months. Here the Mani locals together with Athenians and tourists from around the world meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, entertained by sparkling violinist Burgi Bläuel and lots of well-known, world famous musicians. Encouraged by the successful and regular cultural events held at Mani Sonnenlink, a lively music culture has developed in the Mani in recent years, spontaneously spreading all over the area and now enjoyed in the many traditional taverns.