Social by heart – ecological by conviction

This summer the Bläuel family are bringing all their products sold in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and UK under one instantly recognisable brand with a central marketing strategy. For the UK market this will mean:

MANI BLÄUEL evolves into MANI

Strong company roots in combination with a modern dynamic brand design underline the significant future potential of MANI and celebrates its role as a pioneer in Greek organic production. The transition of the brand and the new packaging design will be accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign.

MANI – the new brand. . .

. . .with a sustainable brand strategy:

  • The internationally competitive brand MANI unifies its branding across the whole of Europe.
  • With the generational change at management level the family Bläuel retains a central and consistent sales strategy across the MANI brand.

. . .with a distinctive brand mark:

  • The owl of Minerva, entwined by olive leaves – mirrors the premium quality of all their products.
  • The owl already serves as the Austrian brand mark and symbolizes wisdom and prudence.
  • “organic” underlines the strong and uncompromising ethics of the family Bläuel along with ecology, nature and their role as pioneers of organic agriculture and production in Greece.
  • The memorable olive tree stays on the labels of our olive oil bottles as an icon for instant brand recognition.

. . .with a memorable name: 

  • MANI is pithy, clear, short and modern
  • Mani is the name of the region in the south of Greece, in which the two Austrians, Fritz and Burgi Bläuel found their new way of life and built their home 35 years ago.

. . .with modern and convenient bottles: 

  • Easier to store and easier to use
  • Takes up less space on shelf
  • Additional space for product information on the labels

. . .with active support for our trade partners: 

  • Marketing materials and information for retailers and end consumers
  • In store tastings and POS
  • Advertising in trade and consumer media
  • PR activities to communicate the recent changes

. . .with strong roots growing a fruitful future:

The organic pioneers Fritz and Burgi Bläuel immigrated to the Peloponnese in Greece in 1978 to search for an alternative form of living and working. They were able to convince small local farmers to start growing olives organically and in this way to economically revive the Mani region by exporting this highly valuable product. Fritz’s brother Manfred established the sale of the products under the MANI brand in the family’s homeland of Austria. Fritz and Burgi soon followed and created a market for their products in Germany under the brand Mani Bläuel. With appreciation, respect and love of the community, the environment and the power of passion the company became successful and fruitful over the years.

During this time, a large range of organic olive oils, olives and mezes from the Bläuel Company were successfully exported to many European countries. Eventually it was the right time for further changes:  the transfer of control and management to Felix, Fritz and Burgi’s son, the unification of the packaging design and the introduction of MANI as a strong single European wide brand.