Number 1 in Schrot & Korn olive tasting in stores


It fills us with pride and joy that our Mani Bläuel Olive-Mix al Naturale tastes the best for the health food German customers. In the olive tasting of magazine Schrot & Korn that took place in 201 natural food stores in May 2015 the consumers were asked to pick their favourite in a selection of four different olive product varieties. 3137 customers voted and the Olive-mix Green & Kalamata Olives al Naturale by Mani Bläuel took the first placement.

“That shows that the unique taste of our olives convinced the demanding customers of health food trade. The performance of our Mani Bläuel Olive-mix al Naturale at the store tastings pleases us immensely”, says junior manager Felix Bläuel. “With our products, first-class quality is our top priority. The gentle harvest and careful processing result  in the fine aroma of our Mani Bläuel products. Our olives are debittered naturally in the traditional way only in brine. All Mani Bläuel products are free of additives and preservatives. So the pure and natural taste of the valuable produce will remain,” said Felix Bläuel. The results of the olive tasting can be seen in the current issue of Schrot & Korn.
(Disclaimer: There is no claim to be representative).